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72" Cool White LED Tube
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Up to 50% more efficient than ordinary fluorescent tubes, these LED type replacement tubes can last up to ten times longer than traditional fluorescent tubes. LED tubes are low maintenance, long lasting, radiation- free, noise-free, no heat build-up, save energy and are environmentally friendly.

Ridged durable construction, Easy to install or retro fit to existing fixtures. Simple install 2 pin lamp holders (if you donít already have them) disconnect starter/ ballast and connect directly to a 80 - 240 VAC source.

These LED bulbs offer an energy efficient alternative for standard 31W fluorescent lamps.

  • 31 Watt
  • Operating Voltage: 80 Ė 240 VAC
  • Cool White Bulb
  • 72" Long
  • HO Pin T8 Base
  • No Starter or Ballast Required

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