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Power Distro Boxes Distribution Boxes
Rugged mobile AC power distribution boxes designed for entertainment, amusement and rental industry use. Safe, dependable temporary portable power distribution for a variety of applications. Built by Semcor Mfg.
Generator Boxes Distribution Boxes
Generator Connection Bays in Trailer Belly Mount, Through-wall and Stand Alone configurations by Semcor Mfg.
Spider Boxes Distribution Boxes
Temporary Portable Power Distribution Solutions, All Aluminum, Weatherproof Design. Built by Semcor Mfg.
Power Stringers Distribution Boxes
AC power distribution cable/drop-box assemblies and stage stringers in rubber boxes ideal for convention center booths and displays, concession stand areas, anywhere quick, safe AC power needs to be delivered.
Gen Inlet Boxes Distribution Boxes
Generator Inlet Boxes/ Generator Connection Cabinets for Fast Connectivity to Temporary Emergency Power
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